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The Blue Crème

de la Crème

The Blue Crème de la Crème

Introducing the 501+ Preamp, our new 500 series preamplifier.

This powerful device delivers a clear and transparent response at low and medium gains while adding a distinctive and colorful character when pushed into saturation.

Equipped with a permalloy transformer and the legendary 2520 operational amplifier.

Additionally, it features a combo connector on the front panel, allowing you to connect an alternate low-impedance XLR or a high-impedance instrument in DI mode.

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Pad control (-20dB)

Apply a 20dB attenuator to the microphone input, either on the rear or front panel.

Polarity Flip Switch

Flips the polarity of the signal.


Minimizes Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) produced by the input circuitry. Additionally, it extends the flat frequency response to 30kHz, ensuring a clearer performance of the unit.


Activates phantom power for both microphone inputs (front panel and rear input connector of the rack)

Front - Rear Switch

Enables the front microphone input and deactivates the rear input of the chassis.

Output Gain

Controls the attenuation of the preamplifier's output signal. Set to the maximum (full clockwise) means no attenuation.

The 576 FET Compressor is a 500-series module compatible with any chassis operating within the VPR Alliance standard.

It is ideal for tracking audio channels and for use on the mix bus of a track, given its ability to link with another identical module, thereby connecting parameters that determine the amount of compression applied to the audio signal.

As the name suggests, the 576 FET Compressor uses a BF245 FET-type transistor to control signal amplification. This compression is found in the legendary UREI 1176 compressors, which have left an indelible mark on the history of pro audio.

In a landscape crowded with 1176 clones, we aspired to innovate. The inherent FET topology ensures user-friendly controls, while this hybrid design introduces our custom transformers, a 2520-like op-amp, parallel compression, and other exclusive features, resulting in a distinct and exceptional audio tool.

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Input - Output levels

INPUT: Adjusts the input gain of the audio signal and, consequently, its "distance" to the compression threshold level. Higher gain will result in greater compression.

OUTPUT: Determines the output gain of the output amplifier after the compression process. It does not alter the compression threshold or the amount of applied compression.


ATTACK: Adjust this control to change the time it takes the compressor to achieve approximately two-thirds of the targeted amount of gain reduction.

RELEASE: Adjust this control to change the duration it takes for the 576FC to revert to its original (pre-gain reduction) level.


RATIO: Use this control to modify the intensity of the gain reduction applied. For instance, a ratio of 4:1 implies that for every 4-decibel increase in the input signal's loudness, there will only be a 1 dB increase in output level. Similarly, a ratio of 8:1 indicates that even with an 8 dB increase in the input signal, there will still only be a 1 dB rise in output level. Adjust as needed for your desired compression effect.


Adjust the blend between the dry and the processed signal, whether compression is activated or bypassed.


Minimizes Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) produced by the input circuitry. Additionally, it extends the flat frequency response to 30kHz, ensuring a clearer performance of the unit


Engage this feature to attain a distinctly musical, “in-your-face” compression style. Ideal for enhancing vocals in a modern audio mix or applying it to a mono drum room for a heavy rock sound. Highly effective when blended with the dry signal through the MIX control, enabling precise control over transients while retaining the desired "pumping" effect.

HP80 & HP120

Apply one or both high pass filters (at 80Hz and 120Hz respectively) on the detector circuit to prevent undesired low frequency content to trigger the compression.


When connected into a VPR Alliance compatible chassis, this feature allows to link this unit with another 576FC for stereo detection. In stereo configuration, both 576FC should be set to the same Ratios, Input, and Output levels for optimal performance. Also, changing attack or release on one 576FC affects both units. Additionally, when in stereo mode, the fastest attack time doubles to 40 microseconds from 20 microseconds.


Pressing this button deactivates compression, yet the audio remains influenced by the 576FC’s entire circuitry, imparting its characteristic color. Keep in mind that in instances of high compression, deactivating compression may result in a significant rise in audio volume, as the dBs that were initially reduced are no longer restricted.

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